Fish Spas and Treatments – Weird Or Wonderful?

Some ideas take a little getting used to. Even so, countless spa goers need no persuasion when it comes to being nibbled by small fish at designer spas and spa resorts in countries such as China, Japan, South Korea and Turkey. This growing trend is spreading swiftly throughout the world and has left some people feeling both perplexed and others feeling both beautiful and relaxed.So how do fish treatments work and how do they aid in enhancing both wellness and beauty? Spas store small tropical fish called Garra Rufa, also known as doctor fish, nibble fish, Chinchin Yu, Kangal Fish and Turkey Fish, in warm pools of water or hot springs. These fish thrive in hot water from 15 degrees to 43 degree water and are used for various reasons such as for foot, facial and body treatments as well as for the natural treatment of skin disease.The fish, as many spa goers say “kiss the skin”, ridding it of all affected and dead skin areas, leaving the healthy skin untouched to continue to grow and repair. The process is both painless and strangely wonderful, leaving behind a unique pleasant tingling sensation. Skin is left smooth, glowing and looking healthier. Although, also used for individuals suffering from Psoriasis, fish treatments are not a cure for the disease but a temporary treatment cure which can aid in preventing symptoms if repeated on a monthly basis. Nonetheless, there have been some individuals who claim to have been completely cured of Psoriasis after undergoing fish treatments. The fish treatments are also recognized as treatments utilized to release fatigue, increase blood circulation and aid in relaxation.So why not immerse yourself into a hot spring or fish pool, or enjoy a foot, facial or body fish treatment before a massage, and experience a treatment like no other. This strangely unique and wonderful feeling cannot be described in words and will make you return every few months to take advantage of the fish treatments principal purpose and function, to protect and beautify your skin.

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